So as most of you know I shoot medium format when I’m not shooting with my Nikon D4, and have mainly shot with a Mamiya RZ67 Pro IID. When I first got the camera, I would take it along on my travels. Recently while doing some spring cleaning I came across some old exposed 6×7 film shot back in 2013. What I found on these rolls were just amazing.

Here are a few of those captures.


I have become an ambassador to Big Blue Ocean Cleanup International – I look forward to sharing the amazing stories and important work the organization is doing. – One step closer to leaving the planet better than when I got here. Looking forward to working with Rory Sinclair on this amazing cause. #saveouroceans #trashbelongsinbinsnotintheocean #bigblue 


Nikon S2 ad courtesy of Nikon Inc.

In February I picked up a Nikon S2 Rangefinder – For those that do not know the history of this camera let me shed some light on it for you.

The Nikon S2 released in 1955 was one of the Japanese camera makers best-selling cameras selling over 56,000 pieces. Built like a tank the body is sturdy and works well in any weather conditions. This camera is completely mechanical so no batteries required – that also means no meter so there is definitely that learning curve to those that haven’t shot with older vintage cameras or film.

So enough about the camera and back to the fun stuff – shooting film. So last time I shot film was probably in the early 2000s, probably over 15 years ago, damn its been that long crazy. Well, let’s just say it wasn’t like riding a bike. I had to re-educate myself in regards to Hyper-focusing, Zone Focusing and Sunny 16 rule to get the right exposure. After a 2 weeks and 2 rolls of expired film,  I finally dropped off my film to be developed. For those that live in Toronto – Toronto Image Works was amazing for both developing and providing digital scans of my shots.

I was surprised by the images that came – good to know I still got it few shots were underexposed but 80% or was spot on. There’s something about shooting film that digital definitely lacks, and that’s the surprise of seeing the shots you captured when you get it back from the lab.

Please see below for a selection from my 2 rolls. Images were shot on Ilford XP2 Super 35MM 400 and Fujifilm Neopan 400 Professional.



I’ve received a few DM’s and messages about the photo I recently posted of Maylin, asking about me about my lighting settings and setup.


So here is its.

I used the window light as my main light – we shot around 10AM and the light that was coming through the window was strong but defused due to being a cloudy day. Room being a light colour helped a bit by bouncing the light back on the subject.

I used the Elinchrom ELB 400 head with Rotalux 100cm square softbox (internal defuser only) as my fill, it was placed at a 45 degree angle from the subject. The head was placed on the B channel and was set at a low power, not to overpower the ambient light from the window or the lamp.

The shot was taken with a 35mm lens with the camera set to ISO 160, it was then manually set to f3.5 aperture and 1/125 shutter speed. By placing the lens close to the lamp and making use of the depth of field at f3.5 the foreground lamp melted away leaving the out of focus bright orange affect you see in the image this was caused by fthe tungsten bulb in the lamp.

So there it is. See diagram below.



A sample from my recent portrait session with Maylin Aguirre from Milano, Italia. We have been trying to coordinate a shoot for over 4 years and finally the stars connected in 2018. Photographed with the NIKON D4 and lit by Elinchrom ELB400 w/ a Rotalux 100cm Octobox.

ISO160 f3.5 1/125 Nikon D4 35mm


Exciting new product from Elinchrom – ELB500 TTL – and yes it has HSS – I had some time testing out the ELB 1200s and looks like Elinchrom is continuing with its amazing and rugged battery back design. Light weight and powerful the ELB500 TTL is going to revolutionize the portrait game. I’m looking forward to getting my hands on a set to actively test this baby out. More to come on that soon.