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Model Alayna Kellet
Location Toronto On.
Filmed by Dale Sood



Peter Lindbergh’s Views on Instagram

Everyone knows since the launch of Instagram there has been a change in how photographers and models are being booked. The idea that more followers equals skill and credibility.  In a recent article in TIME Magazine journalist Cady Lang posed this question to the legendary photographer Peter Lindbergh.

Behind The Scenes - Pirelli The Cal 2017 by Peter Lindbergh
Peter Lindbergh – Photo by Alessandro Scotti

Below is an excerpt from the TIME Magazine interview:

“So many of the girls that are being booked right now in fashion have big Instagram followings. How do you see your work interacting in the digital age now?

I love Instagram! For certain reasons only though — as long as you don’t use it to show the world for instance, that you have dinner with Brad Pitt. If you have something you want to say, you can reach people you would never be able to before. But to be measured in followers, that’s one of those ridiculous things because that’s again the unsensible idea of one being important, following someone. There are many reasons why someone might follow you. If you have a great butt and you show it all the time, you might have a lot of followers but it doesn’t mean anything. If you are an artist and you think you are a great artist because you have a lot of followers, then Justin Bieber would be the Leonardo DaVinci of today. So forget about the followers.”







I was born in Venezuela and moved to the United States in the early 80s. I now call sunny and tropical Miami my home and base of operations.

My journey to photography is one that found its destination late in life. I am a graduate of the University of Miami with a degree in Electrical Engineering. Not exactly a very ‘artistic’ field of study. My interest in photography was sparked by a casual Internet search about 10 years ago. I stumbled upon some beautiful landscape photos and started to wonder if I could do that. Started as a nature photographer but soon found that my strongest interest was people.

Photography for me is an outlet for creativity and stress. I specialize in natural light beauty photography and my studio is the environment around me. My aim is to capture the true essence and vulnerability of the beauty that we all have inside of us.

My work can be seen in the model portfolio pages of agencies like NEXT, MC2, Elite, Wilhelmina, FORD, and others. As well as several magazines like IMPOSTOR, Nouveau, EDITORIAL, Style-ology and Glass Book.

I still haven’t shot a decent landscape…

1. How and when did you fall in love with photography?
I think it was around 2001. I fell in love with beautiful landscapes i found on the Internet. I wanted to be able to capture such beauty. These days I find people more fascinating.

2. What is your signature style.?
I would say it is simple all natural light portraiture

3. How did you go about defining and developing your style ?
I started shooting nature.. birds mostly… so the transition to natural light portraits was a natural progression for me

4. What cameras do you use on a daily basis ?
My main camera is the Canon 5D Mark III . Also use a Canon 1D Mark III if the weather is bad (it is built like a tank)

5. What is your favorite genre?
I love high fashion but can’t really say I shoot it. Headshots is what I am known for. I find them very personal so love shooting them.

6. Who in the industry inspires you?
Greg Kadel’s work is very inspiring to me. Sophisticated work done in a simple direct way. I also draw inspiration from the likes of Gavin O’Neill,  Russell James and Sante D’Orazio. Totally love the work of Fabrice Mabillot and Chenman.  I feel bad because I am sure I am leaving off some wonderful artist from the list. Blame it on senility please.

7. Is there any specific image that you came across in your career that may have changed the way u approach your craft?
I can’t think of any one particular image. I am more influenced by bodies of work . It could be from some of the photographers I mentioned before or just random photographers I come across.

8. If you can shoot any model on any location with an unlimited budget what would your shoot look like?
Well my ideal shoot would go something like this.. The location would be some small island close to Tahiti. A week long shoot. For it to be ideal my 3 favorite models of all time would have to come.  Alice, Vianna, and Olivia.  My main makeup artist would be Taryll (if she wants to hire Pat McGrath as her assistant that is up to her). We would shoot a little of everything. Of course if Miranda Kerr, Gemma Ward, or Adriana Lima want to come along I am sure we can make room for them.

9. What advice would you give to someone interested in following in your footsteps?
I wouldn’t follow my path as I am a part time photographer. However I have been at it long enough to learn that if you goal is to make a living at photography you need to be much more than a capable photographer. Without the proper business, marketing and people skills you will not go far.

One last nugget of advice. That camera that you hold in your hand is a very powerful tool of social change. If you ever have the chance to change someone’s life in a positive way with your images never pass it up. It may not make you money but it will save your soul.

10.  With the influence you have as an artist how would you change or better our industry?
I wish I could weed out the sexual predators out there. Many of them hold positions of apparent power and they use this influence to prey and the young girls (and boys) that come into the industry.