So as most of you know I shoot medium format when I’m not shooting with my Nikon D4, and have mainly shot with a Mamiya RZ67 Pro IID. When I first got the camera, I would take it along on my travels. Recently while doing some spring cleaning I came across some old exposed 6×7 film shot back in 2013. What I found on these rolls were just amazing.

Here are a few of those captures.


Had the privilege of photographing and chatting with Maj. J. Estrela, an Army officer in the Royal Canadian Corps of Signals, this past Rememberance Day. Special thanks to Royal Canadian Military Institute for hosting us and Robert Baines of The NATO Assoication of Canada for helping me put this together. I am currently looking for funding for a project to photograph and document the stories of 400 veterans from across Canada. I hope this is the first portrait of many to come. Thank you Maj. Estrela for your time, service and sacrifice.