Peter Lindbergh’s Views on Instagram

Everyone knows since the launch of Instagram there has been a change in how photographers and models are being booked. The idea that more followers equals skill and credibility.  In a recent article in TIME Magazine journalist Cady Lang posed this question to the legendary photographer Peter Lindbergh.

Behind The Scenes - Pirelli The Cal 2017 by Peter Lindbergh
Peter Lindbergh – Photo by Alessandro Scotti

Below is an excerpt from the TIME Magazine interview:

“So many of the girls that are being booked right now in fashion have big Instagram followings. How do you see your work interacting in the digital age now?

I love Instagram! For certain reasons only though — as long as you don’t use it to show the world for instance, that you have dinner with Brad Pitt. If you have something you want to say, you can reach people you would never be able to before. But to be measured in followers, that’s one of those ridiculous things because that’s again the unsensible idea of one being important, following someone. There are many reasons why someone might follow you. If you have a great butt and you show it all the time, you might have a lot of followers but it doesn’t mean anything. If you are an artist and you think you are a great artist because you have a lot of followers, then Justin Bieber would be the Leonardo DaVinci of today. So forget about the followers.”