Heisler is originally from Saskatchewan, Canada, was raised on a farm. He then
went on to graduate with an engineering degree. Found photography and never
looked back.

Heisler has worked with brands such as Sports Ilustrated, NHL, American Photo
Magazine, UMM, Inside Fitness Magazine, NIK, SLITZ Sweden and many more.

Heisler’s most current personal project is INSPIRE CREATE, a book where he
interviews and photographs inspirational creators in the still, film and music
industry. Inspiration is the catalyst to purpose.

1. How and when did you fall in love with photography?
Like all memories it’s a bit of a blur, but it was sometime in 2005-2007. I
think I admitted it to myself in 2007.

2. What is your signature style?

I’ve been told I have one, even though the look of my imagery is quite varied.
I’ve heard words thrown out like surrealism, “as if I was there”, redefining.
I enjoy cinema and I believe a lot of my inspiration is driven from that. The
look, the feel, the need for a strong story.

3. How did you go about defining and developing your style?

As most photographers this is moving in flux and never really solidifies.
Coming from the non-educated photographer route, I lived for
experimentation. And with digital the learning was exponential. I could
capture and review instantly, making corrections and honing in on that look I

I started out on a few different community sites sharing my work, getting
feedback, but mostly to follow the works of my favorite creators.

I believe nothing is truly original and that all art comes from other sources,
a melding pot in ways. The outside world influences us in so many ways;
it naturally, subconsciously just works it way into our brain in the form of
inspiration. Which then melds in our brains into the work we create.

Your style will find you. Keep creating and one day someone will say “I love
your style”.

4. What cameras do you use on a daily basis?

I primarily shoot medium format. I have a Phase One 645DF+ body with a
P40+ (40MP digital back). I love the 80mm Schneider lens.For work requiring more flexibility I shoot a Canon 5DMK2. Lenses of choice?
50/1.2L 24-70/2.8L, 70-200/2.8L IS.

5. What is you favorite genre?

I’m not sure I have a favorite but I do love a few areas; the sensual lust of
edgy female portraits, creative commercial work like movie promo kits. I’m a
fan of colour over black and white.

6. Who in the industry inspires you?

First photographer to inspire me was Lionel Duley, his gritty celebrity
portraits had me captured for hours. I really love the sensual simplicity of
Kesler Trans work. Tim Tadder has some great edgy commercial imagery out
there, very eye catching. Same goes for Michael Muller.

7. Is there any specific image that you came across in your career that may have changed the way u approach your craft?

There have been many; the first image I saw from Lionel Duley was this
creative portrait of David Lynch. It’s so chaotically simple.

© Lionel Duley

8. If you can shoot any model on any location with an unlimited budget what would your shoot look like?

What a loaded question. So many creatives flying through my minds eye.
I would love to work with Rosie Huntington-Whiteley; Candice Swanepoel
comes in close second on that one. Location? Paris, 18th century mansion (the stone stairs, massive green maze in the back).

There would be fog, wind, flowing light fabrics. I would call it “The Chase”.
The camera would be low and the fabric flowing back into the camera. The
models showing a sexy yet allusive side, luring the viewers in while they stay
just steps away from reach, like a dream.

That’s one. There are so many. You’ll just have to follow my work to see what
the others are.

9. What advice would you give to some one interested in following in your

Do not follow. Soak up the world around you, let the craft come naturally.
There will be ups and downs, enjoy every minute of it; the good with the bad.
Experiment, experiment, experiment.

10. With the influence you have as an artist how would you change or better our

Education around rights usage and licensing. Know them. Don’t cheat
yourself out of your worth, charge appropriately. Inspiration is the catalyst to purpose. Keep feeding yourself healthy doses of inspiration, purpose will follow.